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Fruit & Vegetables

Below is a small sampling of the fresh fruit and vegetables available at Hardie’s.  To see more, please download our current product list.


While berries are available year round, berries are at their best in spring.

Selection & Storage:  Strawberries are hand-picked, fully ripened. They will not ripen further after harvest.  Select berries that are red from tip to shoulder.  White shoulders are a sign that berries are not fully ripened and are usually a result of cool weather at time of picking. Store in under refrigeration.

Cooking Techniques:  Poach, Raw

Flavor Pairings: Chocolate, Citrus, Cream, Crème Fraiche, Game, Honey, Mint, Peppercorn-Black White or Pink, Ricotta, Sugar

Recipes:  Rhubarb & Berry Compote

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